The Bob Cesca Podcast: The Mueller Report

KGxvi4/19/2019 4:57:59 pm PDT

re: #213 Anymouse 🌹

GOP delenda est.

There is a party which has ballot access in all fifty states, and supports the GOP claim of being fiscal conservatives: the Libertarian Party.

I don’t hold much in common with them (other than my wife who used to be an LP officer in Colorado).

Here in Nebraska, Republican state senator Laura Ebke said “oh hell no” when Trump was elected and switched parties to the LP. In the last election, she was reëlected.

Because of their presence in all fifty states, they could in theory take over the mantle of “conservative” from the GOP. I haven’t seen a whole bunch of GOPers flock to the LP.

Bill Weld went back to the GOP to challenge Trump in the primaries. Good luck with that.

I don’t think the Libertarian Party as it currently exists can be much more than what it is. There’s too many social issues where conservatives and libertarians disagree (abortion, sex work, just to name a couple) for there to be any sort of long term coalition. And the LP as it currently exists is so far outside the mainstream on what the role of government should be in the 21st century that it would either have to fundamentally change or it would never gain mainstream votes.