Pittsburgh Cop-Killer Was Conspiracy Nut and Member of Stormfront

wong fei hung4/05/2009 10:25:18 am PDT

Sad thing is, there IS a conspiracy… its just not the Zionist/Alien/FBI mind-control garbage that tin-foil wearing morons like Alex Jones would like us to believe.

The conspiracy is to carry out, under cover of Obama’s “unifying and soaring” rhetoric and the Senate’s wordy legalese, the agenda of international socialism. Some “conspiracy loons” have been warning us about this for decades. Problem is, the Lew Rockwells of the world threw in their white-power/FEMA/UFO bullshit and it ended up painting good people with the same brush. The Obama agenda is a series of endless ponzi schemes (for example: green jobs, carbon credits, etc.) which are clearly designed to weaken our country financially. Once that is accomplished, its much easier to weaken us in every other aspect.

When I hear Gordon Brown use terms like “new global architecture”, I get chills! Is it not obvious that the subjugation of this country to a global body is the end goal? Is it not frightening how quickly these lunatics are making fantastics inroads to that goal? Will this country, this world even, be recognizable 10 years from now? Barack Obama is a cult of personality to a Western Civilization that immolates itself for the sins of its fathers. Nothing is more dangerous than this. It’s wide-scale demagoguery to the nth degree.

The only thing that can stop this train is for the American people to take lawful direct action as is their legal right. Vote out representatives who support Obama. Take to the streets on tax day for peaceful protest. Make conversations HAPPEN about what’s going on. It’s far too late for politics to be something “too passionate” or “too personal” to discuss with friends and family. The average American, the average Westerner, does not understand: the trillions of dollars we have just borrowed against ourselves are designed to PLUMMET US INTO FINANCIAL SUBJUGATION. After that, everything else follows.

No “conspiracy theory” there. It’s a cold fact. Listen to what the G20 leaders have been saying. Proofs in the pudding. Anytime you see that many world leaders smiling together, giving thumbs up, you know where those thumbs are headed. And you know at some point, your ass is gonna start to hurt.

Real bad.