Britain Expels 'Mossad Official'

richard123/24/2010 1:01:00 pm PDT

Charles said “But Israel seems to have seriously miscalculated the diplomatic fallout from this operation.”

I’m seriously disappointed in you Charles. The UK expelling an Israeli offical is the result of intense pressure from none other than the Obama Administration that is trying to force Israel into yet more one sided concessions which will end up killing Israelis. Much like Condelessa Rice strongarming Israel to pull out of the Rafiah Crossing, only to see it months later taken over by Hamas, and the European monitors running with their little sausages in their hands. Obama knows that the Palestinians and arabs aren’t willing to give anything, nor make the most insignificant concession. He also believes that Israel on the other hand can be bent.

His world view sees one side that is immovable and the other immovable, so he decides to put pressure where it works, regardless of the outcome, and all for some bullshit appearance of progress. The French are also now being pressured to do the same thing by the Obama administration.

Something else suspicious, I live in Tel Aviv and have a blog that has of the past two weeks been critical of the Obama Administrations. I haven’t had a no visitor day since the first week I started the blog. But it now seems that I have had no less than 6 straight no visitor days. I have to wonder if the US Administration is playing big brother and Winston Smith is working away to prevent people from reaching my blog or alternatively to prevent it from being promoted. I can’t think of any other explanation.