Jason Isbell With Chris Thile and Chris Eldridge: "White Man's World"

HappyWarrior1/28/2019 7:47:56 am PST

re: #221 Old Liberal

I live in a foreign country. When people here criticize the actions of the US I dont tell them “not all are like that”. I say you’re goddam right about that. See the difference?

And I’m saying that people’s actions can be seen as a condemnation. I’m not saying that liberal minded theists should ignore or dismiss their brothers in faith’s beliefs but rather that that a loud condemnation isn’t the only thing they can do and that their actions can speak as loud if not louder than words. Take the churches that welcome in refugees. I think they’re doing the goddamned right part by doing that rather than issuing a statement that calls people like Franklin Graham out.