BMW Is the Latest Large Company to Pull Advertising From Breitbart "News"

Belafon12/09/2016 6:25:11 am PST

re: #214 The Vicious Babushka

He just does whatever the fuck he wants WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES.

What will it take to make him FACE THE CONSEQUENCES of his fuckups?

All I can tell you know is wait. We’re watching him do things before he’s president. We currently don’t have anything in place for dealing with this behavior.

And when I say wait, I don’t mean do nothing. Let as many people as you can know what is going on, and have them let other people know. Tell your congress people. But there are no tools in place for doing anything about him other than possibly convincing the Electoral College not to install him, which I just really don’t see happening.

Edit: And remember, he lost the popular vote, and he’s already done some things that will piss off some of his voters (going after unions for one thing).