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i(m)p(each)sos9/11/2018 7:22:19 pm PDT

re: #213 HappyWarrior

Was Pearl Harbor commemorated on 12/7/58? I’m sorry. I really am but this mentality sucks. We should never forget what happened that day but we do need to move on in a way too. Eventually, I’d like us to see 9/11 as just another day.

New generations have to make their own history. Nobody remembers the Maine these days except us history majors, and I’d have to look up the date (1898-ish?) to be sure I remembered it right.

Hell, I didn’t even get the date of McKinley’s assassination right upthread. He was shot on Sept. 5 and didn’t die until the 14th, because medical care sucked massively then.

I’m guessing not a one of us had any kind of memorial for McKinley last Wednesday? Which is as it should be. History has to move on.