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HappyWarrior5/13/2019 9:29:10 am PDT

re: #227 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))

I thought that they would turn on him at some point in the 2016 campaign.

I see less likelihood of that happening now, not more.

You haven’t been paying attention frankly then. I see alot of media types that are frustrated with his bullshit. And even if they are, it’s not working. Have you seen his approval ratings? You need to stop overestimating him as this master manipulator of the media. and masses. The way you talk about what’s happened, we didn’t take back the House last fall and he’s not polling historically bad for an incumbent President with a decent economy. Just please stop feeding the myth of Trump the invincible. It’s been pretty much downhill for him ever since he got inaugurated. He hasn’t had many legislative victories and his judicial victories were due to McConnell more so than anything he did.