Anti-Obama Rumor Mill Exposed Again

LGoPs4/22/2009 9:52:44 am PDT

re: #96 windsword

From the horse’s mouth you get it. Obama didn’t try to manage the rescue effort. In fact, HE DID NOTHING that influenced the actions of the military. Therefore, Obama does not deserve credit for the rescue effort’s success, as Charles claimed a few days ago.

The President’s job is to signal red light or green light. Once he approves an operation to go forward it is the job of the professionals on the ground to execute. Regardless of the outcome the CinC gets the credit or the blame. This operation was successful, thus president Obama gets the credit.
President’s that go beyond this basic red light/green light step are unwise and foolish as evidenced by Jimmy Carter’s micro-managerial meddling in the details of the Iranian hostage rescue attempt, the debacle known as Desert One, back in 1979. Carter’s is an example of exactly what not to do. Obama did not repeat his mistake and deserves acknowledgement for that.
There’s plenty of other, legitimate reasons to question Obama’s decision’s on. This is not one of them.