Great New Music From Crowded House: "To the Island" (Official Video)

Renaissance_Man2/17/2021 5:33:37 pm PST

Soon after I moved to the US I worked at a job where my direct supervisor, who worked in the same lab and room, listened to Rush, followed by Neal Boortz, followed by Glenn Beck, all day every day. It was an introduction to US politics that was quite eye-opening, and it was during that time that I then started lurking at Redstate and here. The years since have been educational, as the US right has started being more and more open about their cruelty and fascism, and more and more invested in conspiratorial nonsense.

It wasn’t always a torture to listen to these charlatans all day every day, because that’s what they do - their skill isn’t just fomenting hatred, but doing it in a way that makes it seem somehow appropriate, as long as you might consider yourself part of the in-group. But even though I was just an observer who disagreed more often than most, I still caught a mild case of the disease, in that I found myself angry most days, for reasons that were never clear. Because in the end, that’s how the path to radicalisation works - make people angry, all the time, and make them addicted to that anger and hate.