Colin Powell Supports Repealing DADT

darthstar2/03/2010 10:52:49 am PST

Let’s not forget Duncan Hunter’s dire warning from NPR yesterday:

Interviewer: Today we turn to California Congressman Duncan Hunter. He’s a Republican, and a former U.S. Marine who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Congressman Hunter, welcome to the program.

Rep. Duncan Hunter: Great to be with you.

Interviewer: You are not in favor of repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Why not?

Rep. Duncan Hunter: No, because I think that it’s bad for the cohesiveness and the unity of the military units. And, especially for those in close combat — in close quarters — in country right now. It’s not the time to do it. I think the military is not civilian life. I think the folks who have been in the military, that have been in those very close situations with each other — there has to be a special bond there. I think that bond is broken if you open up the military to transgenders; to hermaphrodites; to gays and lesbians.

Interviewer: Transgenders and hermaphrodites. (the shock in her voice was hilarious…it was more an instinctive repeating to clarify she heard right)

Rep. Duncan Hunter: That’s going to be part of this whole thing. It’s not just gays and lesbians, it’s the whole gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual community. If you’re going to let anybody in, no matter what preference — what sexual preference — they have, that means the military is going to probably let everybody in. It’s going to be like civilian life. And, I think that would be detrimental for the military.