Another Investigation Exonerates the 'Climategate' Scientists

albusteve7/07/2010 2:00:23 pm PDT

re: #17 darthstar

That’s why the continued investigations are meaningless in the grand scheme of things. The initial lies got traction, media play, and lots of people were more than happy to cry “conspiracy!” over them. The exoneration of the scientists is boring. The truth, well, inconvenient (h/t Al Gore). Far better for the media to let this story die, so those who do continue to spew the lies can do so at their leisure, and when someone points to the five (or however many we end up with) investigations proving otherwise, they’ll simply say, “Well, it’s water under the bridge.” and idiot assholes will believe the lies still.

of course they will…therefore the perception needs to be framed to reach out in such a way that the average head scratcher will accept, ie national security and economic imperative…problem solved