U.S. Commentator Mike Harris: Israel Carried Out Newtown Massacre, Operates Death Squads in the U.S.

Mad Prophet Ludwig12/20/2012 1:02:14 pm PST

re: #21 Locker

I don’t blame you for hating the idea that critiquing Israel makes one an anti-semite.

However, I am not claiming Israel is perfect, I am certainly not calling you an anti-semite and most importantly, neither is this post doing that.

On the flip side, Iran (the actual state of Iran) from both the religious and political leadership really does loudly want to wipe Israel off the map. Their client Hamas, really does have in its charter no just the elimination of Israel, but the murder of all Jews everywhere.

The charter of these guys calls for genocide. They are not exactly shy about this fact either. They themselves broadcast it. Hell they even ran on it. Given that, they were elected by strong majority. It follows that populace who elected them is OK with that.

So in general, anything said to make them seem “not as bad” as they really, in the real world are, is either ignorance, willful blindness or out and out anti-semitism.