Netanyahu does the POTUS a 'Solid'

_RememberTonyC3/25/2013 5:34:34 pm PDT

re: #22 CuriousLurker

CL … I have not criticized anyone on this thread for defending Erdogan because I haven’t seen it either. My disgust at Erdogan is directed at HIM and not at anyone for supposedly defending him. Not sure why you thought I was calling out any Lizards for doing that. I do believe that President Obama has more faith in the goodwill of Erdogan than I think is healthy. But given the mess in the Mideast with Egypt and Syria, I think he is increasingly concerned about finding anyone in the region he can rely on other than Jordan’s King Abdullah and Israel. Look at how our supposed ally Iraq is enabling Iran’s intervention in Syria and how Maliki lied to John Kerry’s face about it. I hope President Obama succeeds in the region because it is good for freedom if he does. But Erdogan is someone who has not earned trust or goodwill and the POTUS needs to be wary of him.