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makeitstop12/31/2016 9:53:19 am PST

re: #199 ObserverArt

Don’t know if this was covered yesterday…so pardons if already posted.

Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone had a long story questioning the whole Obama admin and US Intelligence assessment and their statement. He compares “media” reluctance after being used as messengers for the WMD stories used by the Bush admin for the justification of the Iraq war to how the media is not real hot on this whole Russia hacking story.

Taibbi is suspect in my eyes - too tight with the dudebro crowd to make an objective call a lot of the time.

And from what I read of what you posted, it sounds as though he’s making excuses for a complicit media. None of them had any problem covering the fuck out of Hillary’s emails, based on flimsy if not non-existent ‘evidence.’