Pittsburgh Cop-Killer Was Conspiracy Nut and Member of Stormfront

MJBrutus4/05/2009 10:26:20 am PDT

Never mind how utterly representative these nut cases are of conservative thought, we are going to see an invigorated push against “right wing domestic terrorists.” Maniacs like this are a gift to the anti-gun crowd. They provide the excuse to justify taking guns away from law-abiding, responsible people. They also provide the excuse to inflate the domestic terrorism fear-mongering to the point that it over-shadows the threats from Islamic and other foreign terrorists. That’s how we ended up with the

The fact is that the leftists in power do want to curtail our rights. No, there’s no grand conspiracy anything along the lines of the Alex Jones insane ramblings. But there is an irrational hatred of gun ownership on the left. There is also a political incentive for them to associate everyone on the right with demented assholes like these to discredit all of us who oppose their political grasping.