Outrageous Outrage of the Day

researchok5/06/2010 11:00:32 am PDT

As someone to the right of center, I can’t believe this story is stirring such passionate debate.

The issues at hand are about as deep as a puddle.

Cinco de Mayo, like St Patrick’s Day, like Columbus Day is about highlighting a group that is an integral part of the American mosaic. Notwithstanding the politics of the day, that is what these holidays are all about.

That any group would piss on the parade of another speaks little of them. That a school administration has to be concerned about safety on a day that is meant to celebrate a particular heritage makes it a sad day.

It isn’t as if these Mexican American kids were trampling American flags or insulting others.

This story really highlights how we have allowed ugly politics into every aspect of of our lives. No wonder kids are so cynical about about the country.