Stephen Colbert Weighs in on Trump's Pathetic Oval Office Speech [VIDEO]

ObserverArt1/09/2019 3:38:36 pm PST

re: #179 Anymouse 🌹

Yes he has. So you’re left with this situation:

Stay and oppose them and bring up their flaws, or go campaign but give the Republicans a super-majority while you’re out campaigning.

Couple that with McConnell removing the blue slip process they abused during the Obama Presidency, and there’s not a whole lot the minority party can do.

With the worst Senate map in a century, Democrats were able to hold losses to two seats. Imagine what might have happened without the ability to campaign and meet constituents.

McConnell was going to get his judges in any case. How would Schumer stop that?

I’m thinking Mike just wanted to see more public fight, maybe some more anger and going on the attack in a public way.

That may not be Schumer. He is not the angry display type.