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HappyWarrior5/07/2019 5:20:53 pm PDT

re: #230 Teddy’s Person

I have an MA in history from Mason, but I was there before your time. Did you take any classes from Dr. Suzanne Smith or Dr. Rosemarie Zagarri?

Can’t say I have. I took classes from Rex Wade who literally taught us stuff in Russian history that he was witness to as a young professor in the Khrushchev era of the Cold War. Trying to think if there’s anyone else prominent from the GMU history department. I did meet Jack Censer, who is a specialist on the French Revolution who was the Dean of the History department while I was there but it was because he was in charge of a 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall speech given by Mikhail Gorbachev. I didn’t have an official concentration but I took a lot of classes on 20th century history mostly in Europe but also some in China and Latin America.