Tea Party Lawmaker Letter on Med Device Tax Repeal Authored by Lobby Group

CuriousLurker9/29/2013 8:34:40 am PDT

This whole “conscience clause” is pure bullshit. How about we extend it to taxes and, as a Muslim, I’ll “opt out” of paying portions of my taxes that will inevitably go towards funding things forbidden by my religion?

FFS, being an American, participating in this experiment we call the USA, isn’t about choosing only the things we like off some la carte menu. It’s the United States of America, not the I’ve-got-mine-so-FOAD States of America, or the My Morality Dictates the Law for Everyone States of America.

We’re a federal, constitutional republic, not a direct democracy, or plutocracy, or freaking theocracy based on a specific religion’s laws & morals—do people not understand what that basic concept means?

Everyone gets to have their say, but in the end we have to do what’s in the best interests of everyone, of our society as a whole, including people we dislike and disagree with. That’s what we’ve decided we’re all about—it’s really that simple. If you can’t wrap your head around it, or you find it impossible to live with, then go start up your own effing country, kthxbai.

Gah!! I’m SO sick of this crap.