Tea Party Lawmaker Letter on Med Device Tax Repeal Authored by Lobby Group

ObserverArt9/29/2013 8:35:39 am PDT

I just wanted to mention that I sure as hell wish John Huntsman was seen as a true leader of the Republican Party. His comments this morning on Meet The Press were made by a mature politician that understands the role of government and his job in that government. After Raul Labrador prattled on with the typical Obamacare isn’t working evil warnings of impending doom, Huntsman (paraphrasing) said, “What about on Tuesday, when someone just wants to sign up for insurance they couldn’t get?” “That is the real world, and the Republicans are not acknowledging it”

He reminded Labrador that the Republican tried to crack a national healthcare policy 25 years ago and the mandate was a part of that plan all along. He mentioned that his state was one of the first to set up the health care exchange and it offers 260 individual plans. Good on him.

Labrador did admit that he wasn’t willing to shut the country down over this, even though he is part of the attempt to get the bill through to delay. He more or less said that if they couldn’t get it through he would give up the fight and told the leadership of the party. So, political theater it is!