The Bob Cesca Podcast: Dixville Notch

lawhawk2/12/2020 6:22:07 am PST

Greets from the NYC Metro area. The nation is in serious trouble and yet few are ready to acknowledge this fact - least of all the media.

They’re too focused on a horse race in NH that showed that Bernie is in real trouble despite spending the past four years campaigning to be the nominee of a party he still doesn’t register to vote for. Buttigieg essentially tied him for delegates, which is the only way Democrats count for nomination purposes - first to the magic number of delegates wins. That’s it.

Bernie is benefiting from fact that moderates are splitting their votes among three moderates who are all better than Bernie - Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Biden.

And Biden looks like a has been who’s doing a repeat of his past two attempts for the WH. He failed twice before, and this third time is no charm either. He’s going to be toast unless he pulls out a clear win in SC and Super Tuesday. I don’t think he’s going to be in the race past that.

Bernie’s in real trouble too, because he’s about to enter the part of the campaign where he got blown out in 2016. He’s not likely to do better now either.

And yet, the narrative is about giving Bernie a boost and that Klobuchar has come out of nowhere and Warren is toast.

The real story remains that Trumpworld has completely obliterated the nonpartisan DOJ and is actively interfering in investigations and cases dealing with Trump cronies to maximum effect. This is impeachable conduct and should be treated as such.

Recall that Bill Clinton speaking on the tarmac for a couple of minutes with the AG was enough to launch investigations into Hillary, and here we have Trump actively interfering and Barr doing Trump’s bidding to interfere in the sentencing of yet another Trump crony who was convicted.

Stone was convicted on all counts, and the maximum sentence could be 50 years. The DOJ already cut that down to an absurd 7-9 years before Trump jumped in saying that was too much and Barr interfered on Trump’s behalf to reduce that even further. It’s unprecedented interference and it’s done in the open, and yet instead of media outlets all leading with this news - and that the four lawyers for the DOJ running the case resigning in protest over the interference, they’re ignoring or minimizing it altogether.

The media has never been held to account for their failures in 2016, and it appears that they’re doubling down.