NRO Senior Editor Jay Nordlinger: Reagan 'Welcomed Wetbacks'

jaunte7/16/2012 3:27:19 pm PDT

“Mr. Romney’s descriptions of when he left Bain have been erratic and self-serving.”

In 2002, when he needed to show he was still a Massachusetts resident, he denied he had quit in 1999, saying he had taken a leave of absence to run the Olympics committee. A series of documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Committee show that Bain certainly didn’t describe him as absent after 1999.

A former Bain managing director, Edward Conard, said on MSNBC Sunday that Mr. Romney remained C.E.O. “legally” so he could negotiate his generous exit deal.

But now that Bain has been accused of helping other companies outsource jobs overseas, laying off steel company employees and wiping out their pensions, Mr. Romney says he had no management role after 1999.