Tea Party Lawmaker Letter on Med Device Tax Repeal Authored by Lobby Group

HoosierHoops9/29/2013 8:36:15 am PDT

OMG! I’m watching Sen. Cruz on MTP…
People like me who always thought the Tea Party was a some what a lame movement consisting mostly of old people pissed off about taxes, Obama and the GOP losing power. I played down the fringe elements.

I am becoming deeply alarmed over these self styled revolutionaires.
Mr. Cruz is the fruit of the Tea Party.
What have they wrought on this Nation?
The shut down of the Government is only the opening act for this bunch.
They don’t want to legislate they want to burn the Hill down and remake it to their image of America in the 50’s and 60’s.
I don’t think I’m overstating my alarm about the Tea Party.