Twitter Begins Shutting Down White Supremacist Accounts - Including the "Britain First" Leader Retweeted by Donald Trump

makeitstop12/18/2017 2:18:45 pm PST

re: #219 ThomasLite

Well. Duh. That’s usually how trains go off the rails. Either that or some (severe) defect to the tracks (but since there’s no switch shortly before the crash that would be peculiar - not much to go wrong with a plain straight or slight bend).
I sincerely doubt they’d be driving a brand new route with poorly maintained equipment so that’s out and yeah, that means it likely hit something. By sheer virtue of elimination.

So if I were to make up some likely-sounding theory in an attempt to get some attention now and perhaps a lot more when vindicated that’s what I’d go with. It’s firmly in the “no shit, sherlock” zone, really.

Well, excuse me.