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Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis5/07/2019 5:23:32 pm PDT

There’s already a cut of Avengers Endgame for fragile alt-right males.

Avengers Endgame De-Feminized Fanedit aka Anti-Cheese-Cut aka Straight White Male Edition

Endgame, but shorter, no feminism, no gay shit, less boring filler, less sniffing its own farts, no constant quips, and other small changes.

720p x264, 192kbps AAC, 1h 25m runtime

Based on the V3 cam. Image rather good for a cam, audio great (line? no audience noises)

Changes in no particular order:
- Absolutely no Brie Larson, neither in the beginning nor in the finale. Hence Anti-Cheese. (Get it?)
- Most quips edited out to give more consistent serious tone, e.g. Fortnite, Dab, America’s ass, empty gauntlet snap etc.
- Stan Lee themed Marvel intro from Captain Marvel. This should obviously have been the movie to have it in the first place.
- No Hawkeye training his daughter. Young women should learn skills to become good wives and mothers and leave the fighting to men.
- No women leader conference, no gay support group talk, …
- Moping/Dialogue/Filler in first act severely reduced, time travel happens after 30 minutes.
- Any science babble that isn’t necessary to understand the story is gone. Nothing takes you out of a movie quite like pseudo-science.
- Tony doesn’t ask his wife’s permission to save the universe.
- Female sorceress gets scared of Hulk and just gives him the stone. Their talk was a giant plothole anyway. No Nebula-Wifi. She gets kidnapped and they read her memory. Tony doesn’t meet his dad, Thor doesn’t meet his mom, it’s pointless.
- No Thor being told he can’t wield the gauntlet. Hulk just says he will do it. Thor’s whining reduced. Sadly he’s unsalvageable in general, but I did the best to make him more dignified.
- Black Panther isn’t the first revived Avenger to arrive and gets a bit less time, he’s really not that important. No Wakanda apechant.
- Women in final battle severely reduced. They should be at home taking care of their kids. In particular Pepper has no business being there. Does she want her daughter to become an orphan? Wanda’s final battle scene is gone. Made everyone else look useless. No Quill getting kicked in his balls for no reason. No Tony dying in Pepper’s arms (she isn’t there)
- Valkyrie barely in it, doesn’t become queen.
- Less kitchen psychology, e.g. “she knows. they all do.”.
- Many little fixes, tightenings, rescored parts and cuts of unnecessary stuff.

Full list in readme. Not perfect, but I think it works. In particular the first act, but also the second act are more on point now. The final battle has less cuts, because action is fun to watch and the whole point of the movie. Subscribe to Pewdiepie.

Who influenced your work? - My greatest video editing influence is Candace Owens. But some of her montage ideas are frankly too radical even for my taste.
Are you an MRA? - I’m member of a Christian Alt-Right organization named Luther Institute Georgetown-Manchester-Arlington