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HappyWarrior5/13/2019 9:39:28 am PDT

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Clinton’s most critical mistake - worse than not campaigning in WI/MI/PA in the closing days - was not taking Trump seriously as a candidate. She, and a lot of people can be forgiven for that in one sense because….well look at him. He’s ridiculous for God’s sake. It seemed like we were watching the GOP commit Hari Kiri. What she, and a lot of people didn’t realize was that there was such a clamor for an outsider - and the right wing noise machine made it seem like Hillary would actually be a worse choice than Trump - that enough people in those three states (because those were the ones the put him over the top) reluctantly gave him a chance. 2020’s nominee has to take Trump and his record seriously, and detail how disastrous it has been and will continue to be if he is re-elected, while also emphasizing many of the horrors - Puerto Rico, child separation, this moronic trade war with China, and God forbid 1000 times any military action taken against Iran (to name just three).

And of course, while doing all of that, show that the emperor Fox “News” and right wing talk show hosts and podcasters really has no clothes, and that the GOPers who have supported him really have no principles whatsoever and are craven and corrupt, and that Trumpism is anything but an aberation (I love Joe Biden for so many reasons, but COME ON MAN!! REALLY?).

It’s simple really.

So easy, a caveman could do it.


One thing I think she did too was recognize the unique danger he was compared to your average Republican nominee but at the same time, I do think they underestimated his appeal too. We all did. I am still shocked he won a single primary let alone the nomination and presidency. Because it’s Donald fucking Trump, a man who openly wondered about his baby daughter’s breast size and yes I know anti politician blah blah but you can’t tell me that anyone else who had that on their resume wouldn’t have been sunk in some way but somehow he survived. I don’t know man. There’s something deeply wrong with a lot of our electorate and Trump exposed that.