Here We Go: The Secretary of the Navy Just "Resigned" Over Trump's Love of War Criminals

Jay C11/25/2019 7:05:18 am PST

re: #227 Belafon

All we were missing was the car.

Elon Musk is still working on it…

re: #232 Dr Lizardo

That’s a damn long time for Trump to not go golfing.

Yeah, but I’m sure if anyone raised the question at a press conference (yes, I know..////);
I’m sure the answer would be that POTUS is in splendid health (because, after all, he says so himself!) , and is busy busy busy working to MAGA, and why are you carping about it, since all you’ve done is complain about his playing golf, and what about Hunter Biden? Or crooked FBI agents stealing the DNC server to sell to George Soros?
Or the REALLY important issues…..?????