Anti-Obama Rumor Mill Exposed Again

solicitr4/22/2009 10:11:06 am PDT

Sorry, Charles, what stinks is Obama Spin Mark I and now Obama Spin Mark II. The original story never hung together, and now Jones is trying to patch up the more transparent holes. The WH “issued orders” to follow the standing orders? TWICE?

The essence of the “rumor” stands: Obama (eventually) sent the SEALs, but effectively forbade them to act. The OSC gets all the credit, even though he risked his career doing so since the Commander-in-Training-Pants wanted “peaceful solution.”

So- Did Obambi give the Navy a direct order to blow the pirate scum to hell? NO. In fact the exact opposite: he refused to order it. Nobody can deny that. He refused to give that order. O’spin machine myth BUSTED.