Seth Meyers on Trump's Monumental Business Failures [VIDEO]

Dr Lizardo5/09/2019 10:00:57 am PDT

re: #234 HappyWarrior

Yep. That’s also a misconception. And the Nazis never got a majority at the polls either. They were actually slipping from their peak vote popularity when Hindenburg who as you correctly note was senile appointed Hitler Chancellor. It’s interesting to think that Hitler and FDR’s time in office pretty much had no overlap give or take a couple months in 1933(remember Presidents used to be inaugurated in March) and Hitler killed himself 18 days after FDR died in Georgia. But that’s another story.

I’ve often wondered if Germany’s Nazi problem wouldn’t have democratically solved itself if Hitler had never ended up as Chancellor.

Given maybe two or three more election cycles, with the NSDAP consistently declining in popularity, the history of Europe could well have turned out differently. I suppose Hitler could’ve tried another Beer Hall Putsch, but like the first one, a repeat probably would’ve failed just as badly.