Robert Spencer and the Extremists

Mad Prophet Ludwig9/09/2009 1:37:50 pm PDT

re: #144 Charles

Actually, it has slowed. When was the last suicide bombing inside Israel? When was the last major Al Qaeda attack in a Western country? Where are the jihadis launching suicide attacks inside America?

If I’ve distanced myself somewhat from covering the jihad, it’s for two reasons:

1) It really has become less of an issue. There are still Islamic extremists out there, and I’m sure they intend to do us harm, but they seem to be pretty well contained at the moment.

2) A huge number of the so-called “jihad outrages” being promoted these days are outright phony stories promoted by bigots. I simply don’t trust very much of the information coming from the so-called “anti-jihad” blogs, because they engage in lying and fear mongering.

I agree with your points.

You are correct.


Iran still is trying to build a Nuke. Hezzballah is still licking it’s wounds and frankly only temporarily more interested in cementing its hold on Lebanon. Hamas is still licking its wounds.

As to Al-queda and the Talis, they are certainly resurgent in Afganistan.

I thinkk that the Jihadis have taken some body blows and are concentrating on achieving much more ambitious goals, rather than random acts of terror. I do not believe that they are fading nearly as much as re-grouping and aiming at bigger goals.