Nontroversy of the Day: Dede Scozzafava

Flyers197410/16/2009 8:38:04 pm PDT

re: #229 Rightwingconspirator

I propose they know what they want at least in big picture terms, but these desires are at odds with the apparent options-Democrats or Republicans or ineffectual 3rd parties. Yes, their past patience for the deals and greed you mention has evaporated. Spent like a sailor on leave spends his pay. If you are right as is more likely than a big new party breakout-What will bring the indy back into a party? That would be the question.

On a kind of related note, anyone who wants a third party should hate Ross Perot. Unless I’m mistaken, 1992 was the only time in modern US politics where a third party had a real chance and Perot’s nuttiness gave the idea of a third party a really bad image (the GOP sabotaged my daughter’s wedding, we don’t need to put money in advertising, etc…) I think what will bring the Indys back is one parties relative success or failure. Right now the GOP is failing and the Dems, while not failing, aren’t exactly a success either. At least that’s what I imagine a lot of Indys think.