Dave Weigel Resigns from Washington Post

Fozzie Bear6/25/2010 12:27:43 pm PDT

re: #218 karmic_inquisitor

BTW - on the subject of people shaping opinion …

Where and when did Social Conservatism become part of being a libertarian? Did Ron Paul pull that one off? I just don’t understand how someone can claim to be a libertine and then want Lew Rockwell’s America of biblical law as part of the package.

Whenever I see the words “Rand Paul” coupled with ‘libertarian” I cringe. Is there any place a social liberal / fiscal tight wad ( I won’t use “fiscal conservative” anymore since the Tea Party SoCons coopted that one) can call home and that home not be a sanatorium?

Not possible in our system, frankly.

In a parliamentary system, coalition building around particular issues is possible, and multiple parties can work. Here, in our winner-take-all system, it just never works out.