In Which We Get Graphic Proof That Donald Trump Hates and Fears Dogs

Backwoods_Sleuth11/25/2019 3:52:02 pm PST

Taking a break from all things rancidly political in ‘merica, I’m watching a BBC thing about Boudicca and, in a piece called Boudica’s Revolt, (yeah, her name is spelled both ways) I have to take issue with the last battle where she and the Iceni are defeated as portrayed by the BBC.

BBC admits they really don’t know the exact location of that battle but insist it took place with the Romans taking up defile position with an ancient dense woods/forest at its back and rear, and that was the brilliant strategy of Paulinus.

I call bullshit.

Boudicca and her people knew the landscape and would have easily used a strategy that infiltrated the forests (no matter how dense) and put that to great use.

OK…that’s my editorial opinion in historical hot takes for the evening.