Britain Expels 'Mossad Official'

richard123/24/2010 1:24:05 pm PDT

re: #232 talon_262

Thanks for your calm reply Talon, I can see Charles doesn’t use a dumbshit detector to keep idiots like you off the board.

And yes, the Obama administration is responsible for Israeli officials being exiled from the UK, piling on the pressure to get Netanyahu to give in, yet again. And by the way if your read the comments above, I’m far from the first one to mention this.

Pity he can’t get the Palestinians to stop dedicating squares to terrorists that have killed dozens of innocent civillians or even get them to sit down and talk. But these days he’s taken the Arab position and we can expect more of the same. I wouldn’t be suprised if he instated the Arab boycott of Israel that was made illegal by previous presidents. Or if Israel decided to strike Iranian nuclear facilities, extend his military umbrella to protect Ahmidenejad.