Why the GOP establishment loves Chris Christie, in 1 paragraph

CuriousLurker11/09/2013 10:21:20 am PST

re: #7 Dark_Falcon

It’s not ‘ignorance’ that drove Christie to yell at that teacher; For a Republican governor of any state those teachers not expressly on your side are the enemy, politically. The unions those teachers belong will endorse the Democrat in the governor’s race no matter what the Republican says or does, so the Republican has no incentive to keep an open mind when a teacher asks them a question. The best tactic for the Republican is to either attack or deliver a canned response. Trying to deliver a thinking response risks the candidate producing a sound byte that can be used for a Democratic ‘Gotcha!’ ad. Better to stick to the script.

re: #8 Dark_Falcon

There’s one other thing in play: Chris Christie is a Republican in a heavily Democratic state. Given that, he has adopted the tactic of Ruthless Aggression on some key issue. Part of that tactic and the persona it requires is being an asshole sometimes. Seeming hostile and threatening is used to scare opponents and keep them from resisting your plans.

There’s so much wrong in those two lines I don’t even know where to start, Dark. This is 21st century America, and we’re talking about the most populous state in the union, not some foreign battlefield filled with “opponents” or a bizarre medieval fiefdom governed by hostile warlords.

Christie is the governor of NJ, all of NJ not just the Republican part. He’s responsible for the well being of everyone (including me) and owes a modicum of respect to all, not just those who agree with him ideologically.

There’s also the issue of same-sex marriage. His (thankfully failed) effort to block it even after the NJ state Assembly passed a bill allowing it was a really shitty thing to do. His election didn’t grant him a mandate to impose his morality on people, and I’m glad the State Supreme Court smacked him down on it. BTW, the decision was unanimous and included a justice he considered to be on “his side”.

I don’t get how he can stand up against anti-Muslim bigotry, then turn around and tolerate it against gays. It’s not right—according to our Constitution, all Americans should have equal rights when it comes to some basic things, regardless of how you, or I, or Christie, or anyone else feels about it personally.