The Breitbart President Is Raging at Delusional Fantasies

majii3/05/2017 8:43:25 pm PST

re: #16 Anymouse

Trump & Co. and his supporters seemed to have been really, really sure that our government could be run like a business. They’re learning the hard way that it can’t. I truly believe Trump is overwhelmed by the job. When Trump was running his businesses, anything he said/did wasn’t questioned, or challenged, and his orders were acted on quickly. He’s finding it hard to deal with the fact that others in America have a constitutionally-guaranteed right to criticize him. I remember his mouth-piece, Stephen Miller, saying on national TV a couple weeks ago that Trump is never to be challenged and that this American president can do whatever he pleases and we can’t do anything about it. Trump & Co. and his supporters could benefit from taking a course in American political science, but they won’t because, they really believe that when a GOPer is in the WH, he should be worshiped like a demi-god and his words/actions are to never be questioned. Someone should inform them that the concept of the divine right of kings/leaders ended long ago.