WATCH LIVE: Jeff Sessions Testifies Before Senate Intelligence Committee

BeachDem6/13/2017 11:44:31 am PDT

Margaret Sullivan has Megyn Kelly’s number…

First, there was their flirtatious pre-interview banter when Kelly visited Jones’s studio in Austin recently…

Then there was the teaser for Kelly’s Jones interview that aired Sunday in which Kelly mildly reproves Jones, saying “that’s a dodge” when he utterly avoids her question about calling the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre of six adults and 20 children schoolchildren a hoax orchestrated by gun-control advocates. Nothing about this suggests that she held his feet to the fire…

And then there’s Kelly’s unimpressive track record in interviewing hard-to-pin-down subjects

And the perfect solution:

Here’s the way out: Kill the planned segment as a one-on-one interview, and use the material as one piece of a no-holds-barred investigation of Alex Jones and others like him. Don’t leave it up to Kelly, but pull in one or more of NBC’s top reporters.

If it takes a month to do it, so be it.