An Excellent Tiny Desk Solo Concert by Dave Matthews

austin_blue7/03/2018 10:01:32 pm PDT

I’m torn. We finished the first disc of the recently released fifth series of The Americans (killer bee, by the way) and was smoking a cig on the back porch when I heard “Mew!” and looked down to find an orange tom tabby kitten (+/- 9 weeks) saying hello. Sweetheart. Looked healthy, no fleas, and I’m thinking what a cutie! Also, loves scritches. Let him in the house. Went right to the food bowl, had some kibble and a drink of water.

More than likely someone else’s cat. But haven’t seem him before. Alpha cat walked in and kept her hair down. I’ve got chain link all around the back yard and have no idea where he came from. I don’t want/need another cat, but what do I do if he starts hanging around?

Advice, please. I’m a cat guy, but all of them have been litter cats (1) or adult foundlings (2).