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mmmirele5/01/2019 7:33:43 pm PDT

re: #14 Hecuba’s daughter

This problem could arise on any cruise ship. All you need is your tickets and passport and you can board. There is no health test to exclude anyone who might be ill. Of course, a passenger or crew member could board before they are symptomatic and not realize that they are contagious.

Yeah, but what makes this super-ironic is that the Freewinds (name of Scientology ship) is the only place where Operating Thetan VIII can be delivered. It’s the highest Operating Thetan level, takes years and $$$,$$$.$$ to get to, and is only delivered on this ship. Everyone on the Freewinds is supposed to be upstat and they’re not supposed to have illnesses, like measles.

In reality, even though Scientology doesn’t have an official position on vaccines, a lot of Scientologists are really anti-medicine (“auditing and touch assists will fix that right up!”) and consequently have not gotten their vaccines. I would expect that more people are going to get sick. Additionally, the people on the Freewinds come from all over the world. More than one country is not going to want the people on the disease boat hopping planes and bringing home an epidemic to Europe, Asia, Australia…