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Shiplord Kirel, Friend of Moose and Squirrel5/13/2019 11:12:02 am PDT

News from the Idiocracy:
Tennessee judge posts link on Facebook saying Jews should ‘get the f**k over the Holocaust’

A Tennessee judge posted racist and anti-Semitic articles on his Facebook page, including one saying that Jews should “get the f**k over the Holocaust.”

A coalition of organizations, including Jewish ones, have called for a reprimand of Jim Lammey of the Shelby County Criminal Court.

Lammey posted a link to an article written by known Holocaust denier David Cole that referred to Muslim immigrants as “foreign mud” and made the Holocaust slur. He also shared anti-immigration articles, memes and conspiracy theories, The Commercial Appeal reported.

The judge has denied being racist or anti-Semitic and says he has the right to free speech, according to the report. He also says that nothing that he has shared on Facebook would prevent him from judging all cases fairly.

“I certainly don’t agree with that, being a Holocaust denier. My best friend — who’s deceased now — was Jewish and I wouldn’t do that,” he told The Commercial Appeal.

The book on the shelf behind Judge Drek here is A Patriot’s History of the Modern World, a right wing revisionist tome devoted to the proposition that the “4 pillars of American Exceptionalism” are “common law, a Christian (mostly Protestant) religious culture, access to private property…and free market capitalism,”