Trevor Noah: Trump Denies the Science of Climate Change as Scientists Discover Signs of Life on Venus

Jay C9/15/2020 9:21:20 pm PDT

re: #18 Hecuba’s daughter

Wonder if Bibi is finally regretting his devil’s bargain with the GOP and Trump. Perhaps he is coming to realize that his disdain for Obama has led him and Israel down the wrong path. It would be interesting to see if some of the Trump fanatics among the American Jewish community start switching their loyalty, if the word comes down that these pacts are detrimental to Israel’s security.

I tend to doubt it: Bibi may be a sleaze and a crook, but he’s not stupid: he knows he (and Israel) still hold the upper hand in most dealings with US. Yeah, relationships with a Biden Administration might be slightly frostier - but as long as there is still a base of “Christian Zionists” in the GOP willing to start agitating for “pro-Israel” policies - and as long as the persistent Conventional Wisdom that even the most minor of criticisms of Israel, its Government or its policies is tantamount to enabling the Holocaust is still operative (and it will be), Netanyahu will still be just fine.