Pro Koln Organizer's Nazi Merchandise

marsl4/25/2009 4:10:25 pm PDT

One thing Americans have to realize is the fact that in the European Union there isn’t the same degree of free speech as in the United States. The main difference is that we don’t allow fascist and nazis to have their own party’s and to show their symbols, like the swastika.
So, in these partys you will not find swastikas or anything like you find in the american nazi party.
But the ideology and the hate are there. Only camouflaged, not in the open like in the US.
And the muslims are the enemy for them. But this is only conjectural, because the euro-nazis are against immigrants and most of the immigrants that come to the EU are blacks and muslims. But the main enemy for them, are the jews. This is only a temporary thing. Expect those europeans “anti-jihadis” to become anti-semites again. Just a matter of time.
And I know this because I live in the EU and I’m portuguese, as you know.