Huckabee Leads in 2012 Poll

Liberal Classic10/23/2009 12:50:41 pm PDT

re: #10 LudwigVanQuixote

If Huck wins, we can look forward to seeing the constitution perverted. We can look forward to seeing the end of any science that doe not fit his standards of dogmatic purity actually informing policy. We can look forward to reversals of the rights of women, gays and minorities.

Worst of all, he will certainly reverse any efforts to address AGW in this country, and it will happen at a much more critical time as we push closer to tipping points.

The very short from is that if he wins, I am going to look into moving to New Zealand.

I honestly don’t think it’s time to start thinking about going ex-pat. Even if Huckabee does get the nomination, there’s no way he’ll win in the general election. For this to happen, Obama would have to be less popular than Bush. Since Obama’s leadership style seems to be risk averse, I don’t think he will have made himself that unpopular in the three remaining years of his first term. In short, if the GOP nominates a theocon, the election is Obama’s to lose.