No. 3 Democrat in the House to Appear With Farrakhan

Lidane3/10/2011 8:29:31 am PST

re: #23 Sergey Romanov

No, GOP’s sins do not magically make it OK for a Dem to enable a vicious racist.

You’re missing what I’m saying. I’m not saying it’s okay for Clyburn to go on stage with Farrakhan. It’s not. It’s wrong. What I’m saying is that the GOP’s sins have everything to do with my refusal to play along with Buck’s little self-serving, self-righteous game.

The GOP enables vicious racists and assholes all the time. Hell, sometimes their own elected officials are the ones saying truly offensive shit, and you never see people on the right falling over themselves to publicly condemn it. Why should I go out of my way to find elected Dems falling over themselves to condemn Clyburn? Let Buck do it himself.