By semi-popular demand: I'm Curious to why any Jew (or the Israeli state!) Would Cozy up to Evangelical Christians.

CuriousLurker11/06/2011 12:14:15 pm PST

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Now let’s take a look at Nesta H. Webster, conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, via her own words. From her World revolution: the plot against civilization, Chapter IV - The Industrial Revolution - Role of the Jews (page 92):

The Jew was of course not alone in exploiting the workers; but the spirit of the Jew, permeating commerce in every country — in France, in Germany, above all in America — undoubtedly contributed to the industrial oppression against which Marx inveighs. Under the monarchy the Jews had been held in check by laws limiting their activities, but the edicts passed at the beginning of the Revolution, decreeing their complete emancipation, had removed all restraints to their rapacity.

From her Secret Societies and Subversive Movements, Chapter VIII - The Jewish Cabalists (pages 177-178):

It has been shown in the preceding chapters that the Jewish Cabala played an important part in the occult and anti-Christian sects from the very beginning of the Christian era. The time has now come to enquire what part Jewish influence played meanwhile in revolutions. […]

In the light of our present knowledge it would certainly be absurd to ascribe to the Jews the authorship of the conspiracy of Catiline or of the Gracchi, the rising of Jack Straw and Wat Tyler, Jack Cade’s rebellion, the jacqueries of France, or the Peasants’ Wars in Germany, […]

Nevertheless, in modern revolutions the part played by the Jews cannot be ignored, and the influence they have exercised will be seen on examination to have been twofold—financial and occult. Throughout the Middle Ages it is as sorcerers and usurers that they incur the reproaches of the Christian world, and it is still in the same role, under the more modern terms of magicians and loan-mongers, that we detect their presence behind the scenes of revolution from the seventeenth century onward. Wherever money was to be made out of social or political upheavals, wealthy Jews have been found to back the winning side; and wherever the Christian races have turned against their own institutions, Jewish Rabbis, philosophers, professors, and occultists have lent them their support. It was not then necessarily that Jews created these movements, but they knew how to make use of them for their own ends.

These are the sorts of sources Pat Robertson used for his book. That they are rife with anti-Semitism is undeniable—the information is right there in black & white, accessible to anyone who cares enough about the truth to spend 30 minutes seeking it instead of wasting time trying to score some cheap, idiotic talking points.

I have to wonder: If I created a Page here using the same sources Mr. Robertson did, and regurgitating the same classically anti-Semitic conspiracy theories without ever actually saying anything overtly anti-Semitic, do you suppose anyone would rush to my defense? Somehow I doubt it. I even have a pretty good idea of who would be standing at the front of the line pointing at me and screaming, “Anti-Semite!”