Muslim Women Shockingly Not Grateful for Topless European Ladies Trying to 'Save' Them

CuriousLurker4/06/2013 11:08:14 am PDT

re: #22 calochortus

I updinged you, but with the caveat that sometimes it’s not just a matter of finding one’s way. Sometimes an oppressed group needs outside help.
That doesn’t mean that anything an outside group does-even with good intentions-is helpful.

Right. I didn’t imply—or at least I didn’t intend to—that all outside help should be rejected, only that if one expects the help to be welcomed & appreciated, then it should be offered with civility and an awareness of cultural context that allows those being helped to maintain their dignity. I don’t know of anyone who responds positively to being regarded as an object of scorn or pity, no matter how dire their situation.