Some More News: Sure, You Can Be a Good Guy With a Gun, as Long as You Aren't Black

Blind Frog Belly White12/04/2018 5:01:34 pm PST

re: #234 lawhawk

Some folks are smart. Some are savvy. Some are intense. Some might have been good in a lower management role. But just because you’re CEO doesn’t make you smarter than everyone else in the room or the company, because they aren’t.

They just got lucky to get to that role. And we’ve all see situations where failure is promoted upwards to get rid of problems, rather than fire the person outright when they deserved to be gone.

A saw something once that said that CEOs were not usually the straight-A students, or top-of-the-class sorts. It’s not that they’re dumb, because usually they aren’t. But the skillset needed to be a good CEO does not necessarily require you to be a genius.

OTOH, that skillset is not something I have, so more power to them.