New From Seth Meyers: Mueller Complained About Barr's Letter to Congress

Targetpractice5/02/2019 7:59:21 am PDT

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And the fucknut who I blocked posted that Dems have no power, which is precisely the point. The GOP wants one-party rule and is cheering on the slouching towards fascism with a goddamned white supremacist leading the party.

That’s the outcome they want. The base is beyond reason or logic at this point. They are intent on pursuing revanchism and regressive politics - to roll back decades of progress.

Who benefits: rich white guys primarily.
Who is harmed: everyone else, but the angry white guys on the right think that they are helped by harming everyone else, especially women and minorities (religious, ethnic, cultural, and racial).

I really wish the leadership would get over their gun-shyness and pull the trigger on impeachment. We now have a Treasury Secretary who is willfully violating the law, an Attorney General that should be held in criminal contempt, at least two departments of the executive branch who have said they will not comply with lawful subpoenas, and a president* who has been found to have committed one or more felonies while in office. Get over this idea that failure to removal will somehow make him untouchable and do your fucking jobs!