Joe Biden's Great In-Depth Interview With Stephen Colbert: Trump Put the Country in a Terrible Spot by Failing to Act [VIDEO]

Jack Burton5/22/2020 2:11:24 pm PDT

re: #236 Welcome to The Imbleachment (dangerman)

you’re not wrong

though we may be dealing with the same fruit if the process is sent off the rails because the driving factor is an arbitrary time table rather than doing it carefully, cautiously and correctly

Yeah but I the main point I was trying to make is we probably shouldn’t be inventing things to worry about right now (let the experts do that behind closed doors and deal with it) and cross that bridge when we get to it.

That and, although they probably didn’t mean it that way, the number of people saying *here* that they wouldn’t get that vaccine when available for whatever reason seemed just anti—science enough to make my ass twitch.