When Lying Right Wing Hacks Attack (or, Patterico the Idiot)

Charles Johnson1/21/2011 12:45:24 pm PST

Ah, I see Patterico’s moving straight to stalker talking points now. Through obsessive searching of years-old comments, they’ve discovered that I once deleted a comment in which I (gasp!) used the term “Saint Pancake.”

I had to look up the comment in the DB because I don’t remember it, and the reason is simple - the timestamp shows it was deleted very soon after I posted it (8 years ago!), probably because I didn’t like it (as I’ve always said), regretted using it, and didn’t want to encourage its use. I say “probably” because this was so long ago and so completely insignificant I have no memory of it at all. I didn’t “lie” about it - I didn’t remember it. I’ve posted more than 45,000 comments over the life of LGF, in addition to nearly 38,000 articles. Anyone who thinks I remember each and every one, even the deleted ones, has a much higher opinion of my memory and intelligence than I do.

I’d say this is pathetic how they’re reaching back for every tiny comment I ever made to find a smear, but if they want to waste their time I say go for it. And it’s ironic that the people who are most enthusiastically promoting the smear are exactly the same people who were banned for using “St. Pancake” constantly — and for much worse.